Thursday, October 11, 2007


golly., after a long time of rest, eat and sleep. i never had the time to review. that's why on the first day of our exam., i got "SABAW"ed.. ibig sabihin almost all of my answers are hula lang.. well for me its ok. just like what im always saying, kahit ulitin ko ang isang subject, basta hindi ako mag-ch-cheat in any form. cos i made my commitment. its not between me and my, professors, nor my classmates, friends and even my parents.

for me its between me and my God.

haaay.. ganun talaga. And sa tingin ko tama ginagawa ko. i know he has his plans and his in control. all things happen according to his purpose. and i have to trust to him. i learned not and never to under-estimate the capabilities and powers of God. nothing is impossible for him right!?

ayun. i even owe to him kc gumaling ako kagad.. ^^
meron pa namang tym para makapagprepare sa ibang mga subjects..^^ babawi ako. hehe

im currently watching SUICIDE CLUB sa crunchyroll..

hanep tong movie nato.. you got to watch this guys. 50+ highschool kids jumping of the railway of train just to kill themselves.. this is crazy, not yet done. I'll write a review on this.. wait for it!!!!