Friday, February 29, 2008

I want you to Know

This would be the busiest Sem I ever experienced in my college life, I am too busy focusing on my studies since i have 4 research-defenses, paperworks, sleepless-sleepovers-overnights, assignments, groupworks aside from juggling all other aspects of my life being as a servant leader, a son, a brother and a friend.

I even got two consecutive absences on a subject just to give time engineering our research missing 2 major quizzes and assignments. During other classes, I was even caught sleeping by our prof thankfully I'm not scolded. Not to mention that during this season is also the busiest season for us the YFC-campus based because of Campus Tour.

I always dreamt of having a "bonggang" activity for my organization. I prayed, discerned and planned what to do's in the Tour. There came the time when there is nothing to do but to pray and uplift my concerns to God, for the reason that I can't give my full physical attention to my studies and choose to be at YFC in preparing the activity.

I may say that our Campus Tour wasn't that good like others was expecting to us, we had lots of problems especially with the Admin of the school on the day of the program it self. But we learned a lot from it. I am always after the training for the leaders and the benefits that we/others could get but God, gave us more than what we dreamt of. Of having a great God, inspite of all the difficulties, for making us realize that there is no impossible for him, that he will never leave us this far and that everything would be just fine if we have him.

Instead of the theme "We Want The World To Know" it became, "Son, I want you to know"..

He knew how we are desperate for his Glory.

We're Blessed


Fjordan Allego said...

ahoy! ge!! sobrang busy ka nga talaga ngayon.. miss ka na namin sa bahay parati kang hindi umuuwi hehehe..

Anna said...

Sounds like you're super busy nga. Hehe. College is really like that. Tambak-tambak ang trabaho at sunod-sunod. Okay lang yan. Wala pa naman namatay sa college experience. Hehe.

janelleregina said...

Kaya mo yan. Tama anjan si God. Di ka nun papabayaan. =)

Saludo ako sayo at hanggang ngayon buhay ka pa sa dami ng ginagawa mo. Kung ako yan, dedz na ko =))

Ayun. Nagcheck lang ng mga blogs sa links at nagbasa.

Ingat ka =)

Rakz said...

kaya pala di k n masyadong nagpopost ge..hehehe..

normal lang so proud of u! at least narealize mo ung mga plan ni God para sa inyo..=)

nung time din kc namin wla kaming maxadong bonggacious events pero we learned a lot..and we became super bonded..=)

bugITs said...

wahahah! natatawa ako sa sabi ni fjords.. di kana pala umuuwi bro? saan ka nakitulog? whaheheh