Monday, September 10, 2007


ok. being a YFC, we've already heard this lots of times, from the youthcamp, to households, to assemblies and even to the conferences we have. But as a human like you in this unperfect and so unfair world, there's too many hindrances that would not allow us to see God as a Loving God.

Sometimes it is already us who chose not to see, not hear and ignore Gods Love in our lives. We keep on making compromises with God, saying that we'll never be the same like before. We keep on doing things that we know thats not right. And as far as I know, as being leader in a community(CFC-YFC), the marks of Jesus in us slowly disappears if we still do the same things.

So what does this mean!?
I would not be an effective leader or just an example to others that will lead to Jesus. (actually, LAHAT NG SINASABI KO SA TAAS, AKO YAN). syempre people will look up to me and expect good things happening diba?.. As I type this entry, I'm reflecting on the things that I've done. at napapa-iling na lang ako sa sarili ko.

Defense Mechanism: Ang panlaban

But God as a Loving God, and the death of Jesus, It reminds us that God chases after us with such persistent grace that he refuses to let us get away. THAT HE EVEN GAVE UP HIS LIFE JUST FOR US TO LOOK BACK TO GOD.

I know im not the only person who experience this kind of dryness. all of us will come up to the point when we will ask ourselves: "asan na ako!?" - Lost. And just by lookng at the cross magkakaroon ulit ng direksyon ang buhay natin. Just stand Firm in the faith, be brave and be strong(Youngblood), for God will not look to us how dirty we were BUT on how faithful, persistent we are just to also chase the heart of Jesus.
promise brad at sis: God is a Loving God.

sabayan mo pa ng

Backgrounf music: How great is our God.