Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mga Sugat - korni pero malupet

"Maybe God has something for me which I have to discover, deeper than my wounds that needs comprehension and deep understanding.."

September 7, yesterday, minutes before 7 am. woke up by my alarm clock, i saw my right foot bleeding! one of my fingers having small cut.. i got that while sleeping, sa isang bakal na pahaba sa baba ng comforter ko, and its because i have a quite long thighs and legs kaya umabot dun sa may bakal na mahirap i-explain ang hitsura. bleeding still continues and i started to somewhat panicking. buti na lang my student-nurse sa apartment, GJ . he dressed up and started to mummiffy my wound LOL!!! haha.

one of my classmates weirdest and funny reactions:

"wow ka?! nakipag-slamman ka ba sa concert? naapakan ka ata ah.." -rey (corny tol)

haha. not to worsen the situation i got another cut on that same day. also at the apartment. on my right foot naman. i dont know where the hell i got that small cut. fortunately, Kuya nick (one of my hawsm8, pres. YFC-FEU) is with me. he helped me cleaning and dressing my cuts.. sabi ko pwede na siya mag-nursing, accountant kasi sya. lol. Two of our theories where i got my new cut was from my long finger nails (thumb) and from a salugsog!??

wirdo kapatid.. noh!?

hehe. one big realization is that, malayo sa bituka ang mga naging sugat ko. but seriously, compared to the wounds that Christ had during his Crucifixion, parang kagat pa lang ng langgam, it means wala pa to. so i dont have to be mareklamo or blame others for this. and also I saw number of person who really cares!!! Maybe God has something for me which i have to discover, deeper than my wounds that needs comprehension and deep understanding.

sayang lang i dont have pics of my sugats to display.. haha.